After working with Albert Michels, Jerry Hovey's father-in-law and partner at Mikes West Side Ice Cream parlor, Jerry Hovey opened Mikes East Side on January 2, 1952. Although, both businesses were established to provide homemade ice cream, Jerry saw the need to expand into serving food. When Mike retired in 1961, Jerry focused on increasing the food selection. Chili was a popular and early success story. The special seasonings and unique preparations have made the chili a favorite to this day. Just as important as the chili, the hamburgers have become a main attraction. The "Big Murt" named for Jerry's mother-in-law, who worked in the restaurant for many years and the "Mike" named after his father-in-law, Albert Michels. Our diner continues to offer homemade French fries, bleu cheese dressing, creaming coleslaw, large hand dipped malts and shakes. We also offer the "Ten Four Sundae" and the popular marshmallow, cherry, vanilla, or chocolate cokes. Breakfast is served all day and we now offer new daily specials. As evidence by the backwards running clock, Hovey's Diner is a great place to go back in time and make new memories. The secret to our success are our priceless customers that have created an atmosphere of family and comfort that we can all call home.